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Under the Ground Water Rule (GWR) a ground water system must conduct source water monitoring if the system does not provided at least 4-log treatment of viruses before or at the first customer of each ground water source and the system is notified that a

A GWR source sample (collected after a TCR positive sample) that is coliform positive or fecal indicator positive is not a violation with one exception.  That exception is for systems required to collect four repeat samples after a TCR positive and the state allows the GWR source sample to also be the fourth TCR repeat. In that case, a coliform positive result in the source sample results in a TCR violation requiring a Tier 2 public notice.

In addition, the GWR requires Tier 1 public notification for any fecal indicator positive source water sample.  However, there is no violation unless the system does not provide the notification or does correct the cause of the fecal indicator positive sample.
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