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If a county/municipality operates several distinct "systems" that are not connected to each other, and one of these distinct systems serves less than 10,000 people, would it qualify as a "small system," or do we aggregate all the distinct systems operated

Yes, the system you describe, a distinct system serving 10,000 persons or fewer, is eligible for receiving training or technical assistance from a grant recipient under this funding announcement. However, the Request for Applications also requires funding recipients to prioritize the use of their funds by working with the state or territory where they are providing assistance, to identify the systems in greatest need of assistance. The Request for Applications, Section I.B., "National Priority Areas" states:
" Applicants should also describe a process whereby they will consult with the appropriate regulatory authority (such as the state or territorial primacy agency or EPA regional direct implementation coordinator) in each state or territory in which the assistance is to be expended or otherwise made available prior to providing training and technical assistance in that state or territory.  In particular, applicants should indicate how they will work with the state, territory or EPA to identify the systems in greatest need of assistance; how they will keep those agencies, the EPA grant project officer and appropriate EPA regional coordinators informed regarding the assistance provided; and how they will document these results."

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