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What are the tiers of notification?

The 3 Tiers of Public Notification
  Required Distribution TimeNotification Delivery Method
Immediate Notice (Tier 1) Any time a situation occurs where there is the potential for human health to be immediately impacted, water suppliers have 24 hours to notify people who may drink the water of the situation. Water suppliers must use media outlets such as television, radio, and newspapers to post their notice in public places, or personally deliver a notice to their customers in these situations.
Notice as soon as possible (Tier 2) Any time a water system provides water with levels of a contaminant that exceed EPA or state standards or that hasn't been treated properly, but that doesn't pose an immediate risk to human health, the water system must notify its customers as soon as possible, but within 30 days of the violation. Notice may be provided via the media, posting, or through the mail.
Annual Notice (Tier 3) When water systems violate a drinking water standard that does not have a direct impact on human health (For Example, failing to take a required sample on time) the water supplier has up to a year to provide a notice of this situation to its customers. The extra time gives water suppliers the opportunity to consolidate these notices and send them with Annual Water Quality Reports (Consumer Confidence Reports).
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