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I plan to construct a new Class V underground injection control (UIC) well that will be associated with the recovery of geothermal energy for the production of electric power. Do I need to provide notification to anyone? If so, to whom do I need to send i

You must provide basic inventory information about your well to your state, tribal, or EPA UIC Director, if you have not already done so pursuant to 40 CFR 144.26. If you are in a state that has UIC Program primacy (i.e., the state runs the UIC Class V Program), then you must contact your state UIC Director to determine exactly what information you must submit and by what date. If you are in a state that does not have primacy for its Class V UIC Program or in Indian Country, then EPA implements the Class V Program (i.e., Direct Implementation or DI Programs) and you must submit the inventory information described in 40 CFR 144.83(a)(2) prior to construction of your well. The basic UIC inventory information required by both primacy states and DI states or tribes includes the facility name and location, the name and address of a legal contact, the ownership of the facility, the nature and type of well(s), and the operating status of the injection well(s) (40 CFR 144.83).
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