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When a required LT2 parameter for a specific sampling date (Cryptosporidium, E. coli, or turbidity) is missing, must a public water system (PWS) resample for all three parameters or only the missing parameter?

If a system is unable to report a valid analytical result for a scheduled sampling date due to equipment failure, loss of or damage to the sample, failure to comply with the analytical method requirements, or the failure of an approved laboratory to analyze the sample, then the system must collect a replacement sample. PWSs must resample when a required parameter is missing (40 CFR 141.702(b)(2)(i)). However, if a system must resample for Cryptosporidium, EPA recommends that you also resample for E. Coli and turbidity. Monitoring results with sample collection dates that do not comply with the schedule entered into the Data Collection and Tracking System (DCTS) by the PWS before monitoring began will be flagged. The PWS must enter an explanation in the comments field on the DCTS to inform the reviewer of the reason for the resample (Source Water Monitoring Guidance Manual For Public Water Systems For The Final Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule, EPA815-R-06-005, February 2006).
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