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I?m submitting a system specific study plan using a hydraulic model. Where do I choose my sites for one round of monitoring on the form?

PWSs that are submitting a System Specific Study using a hydraulic model must complete one round of monitoring during the period of the IDSE (141.602 (a)(2)(ii)(D)).  Since calibration of the model does not need to be complete until 12 months after the system specific study plan is due, some PWSs may not have the final water age results necessary to select their sites for the one round of monitoring.  Thus, EPA has included a section for the monitoring site selections and justifications on the IDSE Report for a Modeling SSS form.  However, if PWSs want to submit their proposed monitoring sites to EPA for approval along with the modeling study plan, EPA recommends that they include the monitoring sites and justifications as an attachment to their plan. 

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