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What treatment devices are used to control lead in drinking water?

There are many devices that are certified for effective lead reduction, but devices that are not designed to remove lead will not work. It is suggested that you follow the recommendations below before purchasing any device: 1. Avoid being misled by false claims and scare tactics. Be wary of free water testing that is provided by the salesperson to determine your water quality; many tests are inaccurate or misleading. Research the reputation and legitimacy of the company or sales representative. 2. Avoid signing contracts or binding agreements for onetime offers or for those that place a lien on your home. Be very careful about giving credit card information over the phone. 3. Check into any offers which involve prizes or sweepstakes winnings. 4. Verify the claims of manufacturers by contacting the NSF International (800-673-8010) or the Water Quality Association (630-505-0160) to ensure that they are certified products to remove lead.
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