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Can plumbing fixtures or devices containing 8.0 percent or less lead contribute lead to drinking water?

Yes. Any plumbing device or fixture, domestically produced or imported, that contains any amount of lead and is in contact with the water is a potential source of contamination. Brass fittings and plumbing fixtures, containing 8.0 percent or less lead, have been found to contribute high lead levels for a considerable period of time after their installation, even in cases where these devices are in contact with relatively non-corrosive waters. The amount of lead that may leach into the water from a brass faucet or fixture is not solely related to the amount of lead contained in the product. The amount of lead leaching from a plumbing product is greatly, but not exclusively, influenced by the manufacturing process. The leaching of lead from certain plumbing products into water used for human consumption is addressed by NSF Standard 61, Section 9. Additional information can be obtained at
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