Frequent Questions

6. How will I know if copper is in my drinking water?

If you are concerned about copper in your drinking water, have the water tested for copper by a certified laboratory. (Lists are available from your state or local drinking water authority.) Since you cannot see, taste, or smell copper dissolved in water, testing is the only sure way of telling whether there are harmful quantities of lead in your drinking water. You should be particularly suspicious if your home has copper pipes. if you see signs of corrosion (frequent leaks, rust-colored water, stained dishes or laundry, or if your non-plastic plumbing is less than five years old. Your water supplier may have useful information, including whether the service connector used in your home or area is made of copper. Testing is especially important in high-rise buildings where flushing might not work.

If your water comes from a household well, check with your health department or local water systems that use ground water for information on contaminants of concern in your area. 

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