Frequent Questions

How do I test for and remove radon from my private well?

Each state laboratory certification office or State radon office can direct you to laboratories which may be able to test your drinking water for radon.  If testing your private well shows that you have high levels of radon in your drinking water and you are concerned about it, there are some things you can do to improve the water.  The most effective treatment you can apply is to remove radon from the water right before it enters your home.  This is called point-of-entry treatment. There are two types of point of-entry devices that remove radon from water, granular activated carbon filters and aeration.  For more information on filters, you should contact two independent, non-profit organizations: NSF International at (800) 673-8010 and the Water Quality Association at (630) 505-0160.  Additional information on radon in drinking is available at

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