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The RFA restricts training & technical assistance to small PWSs, (10,000 or less). We have water system owners including municipal owners, which have both small PWSs & large PWSs. Are these water system owners eligible for training & technical assistance?

The training and technical assistance described in National Priority Areas 1 and 2 is specific to addressing the short and long-term needs of small systems in meeting the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Personnel receiving training and assistance should be associated specifically with systems that meet the criteria of this funding announcement, namely those systems serving 10,000 persons or fewer. We presume that you are asking whether a technical assistance provider could provide services to a large system without using EPA funds by charging the large system a fee to finance the services. That decision would be up to the technical assistance provider rather than EPA. However, the provider would need to maintain accounting data to demonstrate that it did not charge the cost for providing technical assistance to a large system to its EPA cooperative agreement.

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