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I'm concerned that the old galvanized pipes in my home are contaminating my drinking water. I have considered replacing them with PVC pipe, but I've heard it can leach chemicals into my drinking water. Which type of pipe is safer for plumbing?

Section 1417(a)(1) of the Safe Drinking Water Act requires the use of "lead free" pipe in the installation or repair of any plumbing in a residential or nonresidential facility providing water for human consumption. The Act does not regulate the use of galvanized or PVC pipe. The corrosion of some galvanized plumbing can release cadmium into drinking water (Contaminant Specific Fact Sheets: Inorganic Chemicals; EPA811-F-95-002C, October 1995). PVC and CPVC systems have the potential to release organotin compounds into drinking water (63 FR 10273, 10282; March 2, 1998). For more information about the safety of galvanized or PVC pipe, you should contact NSF International at (800) 673-8010.
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