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How can citizens and the public get involved in issues related to the Safe Drinking Water Act?

EPA, states, and public water systems each work to protect your drinking water supply while providing opportunities for public involvement. At the federal level, citizens can attend public EPA meetings and provide comment on proposed regulations. Within each state, public input is required when determining the use of money from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund. Citizens can also participate in state source water protection advisory committees, and in the development of strategies to ensure that water systems have adequate capability to provide safe drinking water to customers. At the local level, annual consumer confidence reports assist in creating a dialogue between a water supplier and its customers. In addition, citizens can assist local governments and water suppliers create and update an inventory of potential pollution threats to drinking water sources (It's Your Drinking Water: Get to Know It and Protect It, EPA810-K-99-002, May 1999). More information about involvement in drinking water issues is available at
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