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I am seeking clarification about TCR monitoring. I reside in an area with a large public water utility serving about 2 million residents. We live in a place that commonly has water quality problems and TC+ results. Recently, the utility began using a crea

Under the Total Coliform Rule, water systems such as the one that serves your area are required to take a minimum number of samples per month at sites that are representative of water throughout the distribution system. Sampling locations must be described in a written sample siting plan that can be reviewed and revised by the State. Systems may take more than the required minimum number of samples but those should also be specified in the sample siting plan. If there is an area in the community that has water quality problems and frequent TC+ samples, even if they do not result in an MCL violation, the system should investigate the area and try to determine the cause and potential solutions.  Please note that beginning no later than April 1, 2016, systems will need to comply with the Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR). The RTCR replaces the monthly MCL violation with requirements for assessment and corrective action.  Please try to work with your water system to address the water quality and TC+ results in your area, and contact your State drinking water program regarding additional concerns.

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