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Are public water systems required to monitor for sodium?

Community water systems (CWs) must collect and analyze one sample per plant at the entry point of the distribution system to determine sodium concentration levels. Samples must be collected and analyzed annually for systems utilizing surface water sources in whole or part, and at least every three years for systems utilizing solely ground water sources. The minimum number of sample required to be taken by the system shall be based on the number of treatment plants used by the system. The CWS must report to EPA and/or the state the results of the analyses within the first 10 days of the month following the month the sample results were received or within the first 10 days following the end of the required monitoring period as stipulated by the state, whichever is first. The CWS must notify appropriate local and state public health officials of the sodium levels by written notice by direct mail within three months (40 CFR 141.41).
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