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H06: Our organization has been asked by two different entities to act as a sub-awardee on the submissions. Each covers a different National Priority Area (they do not overlap responsibilities or programs within our organization). Would it be appropriate?

There is no restriction in the announcement that would preclude a subawardee from being included in more than one application.
Please note that any applications that include a subawardee must comply with the provisions of Section IV.E of the Request for Applications (RFA), entitled “Contracts and Subawards.”

Also, please note that Section III.C.2 of the RFA states that: “Applications must address one, and only one, of the four National Priority Areas listed in Section I.B, although eligible organizations may submit more than one application as long as each one is separately submitted and addresses only one National Priority Area.  Applications that address more than one National Priority Area in a single application will not be reviewed.  In addition, applications for National Priority Area 3 must address the two elements of that priority as described in Section I.B.”  

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