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F10: Under this RFA, are indirect/facilities and administrative costs waived allowed as part of the cost share?

As described in the RFA under Section III.B., “The non-federal cost-share/match… is subject to the regulations government matching fund requirements described in 2 CFR 200 or 2 CFR 1500, as applicable.” 

  2 CFR 200, which applies to Institutions of Higher Education, Hospitals and Other Nonprofit Organizations, states in part: “Unrecovered indirect costs may be included as part of cost sharing or matching only with the prior approval of the EPA Award Official.”

  2 CFR 200 further states: “The value of donated space shall not exceed the fair rental value of comparable space as established by an independent appraisal of comparable space and facilities in a privately-owned building in the same locality.”

Please consult 2 CFR 200 as well as OMB Circulars A-110 and A-21 to further determine the governing rules and cost principles that apply to the specific costs that you are proposing to apply toward the match. 

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