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What E. Coli analysis is required for source water monitoring?

LT2 requires PWSs to have E. coli samples analyzed by laboratories that are certified to conduct total or fecal coliform analysis in drinking water (i.e. under 40 CFR 141.74) by EPA, NELAC, or the state. Therefore, laboratories certified under 141.74 (the SWTR) are approved to analyze E. coli samples under LT2. An enumerative result is required under LT2, rather than presence/absence under TCR.  EPA has also determined that laboratories certified by EPA, NELAC or the State to enumerate for total coliform, fecal coliform, and/or E. coli analysis under other drinking water certification programs, such as those required under 40 CFR Sec. 141.21 (Total Coliform Rule) are also acceptable.

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