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I am a manufacturer of products that are sold for use in nonpotable services but they could be connected to potable services. If I want to assure my products are used exclusively for nonpotable applications, what kind of labeling should I use?

If you choose to label your pipes, fittings or fixtures in order to establish that they are to be used exclusively for nonpotable services, the labeling should be clear and prominent; otherwise, it may not be reasonable to assume that the product will be used exclusively for nonpotable services and not anticipated to be used for human consumption. EPA recommends that the labeling consist of both a product label and a packaging label because products can get separated from their packaging. Another reason for labeling both the package and the product is that one package may contain many individual products within it and purchasers may not be aware of the label on the bulk package. EPA further recommends that product labels consist of physically marking the product, a tag physically attached to each individual product or an individual bag that contains each individual product. Labels should clearly indicate that it is illegal for use in potable services and not anticipated for human consumption.

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