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What are the public education requirements for non-transient, non-community water systems (NTNCWSs) that have exceeded the lead action level?

Within sixty days of exceeding the lead action level, NTNCWSs must distribute public education materials by placing informational posters in public places or in common areas of buildings served by the system, and distribute informational pamphlets and/or brochures to each person served by the NTNCWS. The NTNCWS must repeat the distribution of this information annually for as long as it exceeds the lead action level. A NTNCWS can stop delivering public education materials whenever its 90th percentile lead level is at or below the action level for one monitoring period. If the system exceeds the action level again in the future, the NTNCWS must resume the public education requirements within sixty days (40 CFR 141.85(c)(4-6)).

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