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What is the Total Coliform Rule Distribution System Advisory Committee (TCRDSAC)?

The Total Coliform Rule Distribution System Advisory Committee was established to provide advice and make recommendations to EPA on revisions to the Total Coliform Rule, and on what information about distribution systems is needed to better understand the public health impact from the degradation of drinking water quality in distribution systems.

For the revision effort, the Advisory Committee will advise EPA on how the Rule could be revised to improve implementation and strengthen public health protection. For distribution system issues, the Committee will help EPA evaluate available data and research on aspects of distribution systems that may create risks to public health and consider how to address the risks.

The TCRDSAC will be composed of approximately 16 members who will serve as representative members and regular government employees. In selecting nominees for a balanced committee, EPA will consider candidates from EPA; state and local public health and regulatory agencies; Native American tribes; large and small drinking water suppliers; consumer, environmental, and public health organizations; and local elected officials.

Additional information about revisions to the Total Coliform Rule is available at

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