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What advice does the EPA offer to those worried about whether their tap water is safe enough to drink?

Ensuring safe drinking water for all Americans is a top priority for EPA and the agency has a standard for total chromium ? which includes chromium-6 - which water systems must meet by law. According to the most recent data, all public water facilities are in compliance with the existing total chromium standards. However, citizens concerned about the safety of their drinking water can take additional steps. Consumers of public water can check their provider?s website to access the provider?s consumer confidence report (CCR) or contact the provider to ask if their tap water contains chromium. You can find contact information for your public water system on your water bill. Consumers served by private wells can have their water tested by a state certified laboratory. You can find one in your area by calling the Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 800-426-4791 or by contacting your state water certification officer. Contact information for your state can be found at If a consumer is concerned about chromium in their water, then they can consider installing a home treatment unit that has been certified to remove chromium-6 (hexvalent chromium). NSF International and the Water Quality Association provide lists of treatment devices they have certified. For more information on chromium, please visit our Web site at the following URL:
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