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Taking all EPA studies conducted to date, what is considered the most inexpensive residential customer whole house water system?

Options available to remove Arsenic from drinking water include Point of Use and Point of Entry treatment devices. Point of Use devices would usually be mounted under the kitchen sink since this water would be most likely to be used for drinking and cooking. Point of Entry treatment would treat all water entering the house, but would be more expensive. EPA listed Reverse Osmosis as well as Adsorptive Media (Activated Alumina, Iron, Titanium Oxide) as compliance technologies for very small water systems and these would be possible to use for a single house as well.

In addition, it is possible that other treatment options like ion exchange might be able to effectively remove Arsenic from drinking water. The most appropriate option will be determined by the actual conditions and chemistry of the source water being used. You may want to contact your local health department for more specific recommendations based on the water quality in your area.

The following web documents developed by EPA provide additional information regarding treatment:


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