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Are community water systems serving fewer than 10,000 persons required to mail the Consumer Confidence Report to their customers?

Yes. However, systems serving fewer than 10,000 persons may be issued a waiver by the Governor of a state or the Tribal Leader waiving the requirement to mail or directly deliver a copy of the report to each customer. Systems receiving such a waiver must 1) publish the report in one or more local papers, 2) inform customers that reports will not be mailed either in the newspapers in which the reports are published, or by other means approved by the state, and 3) make the reports available on request. Additionally, systems serving 500 or fewer people could forgo items 1 and 2 above if they provide notice at least once per year to their customers by mail, door-to-door delivery, or by posting an appropriate location that the report is available upon request. (40 CFR 141.154(g))

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