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I just received my water quality report. Is my water safe to drink?

Drinking water meeting national primary drinking water standards is safe to drink, although people with severely compromised immune systems and children may have special needs. Public water systems (PWSs) obtain their water from a variety of sources and treat the water using a variety of available treatment technologies. Because of the different sources of water and the different ways in which water is treated, the quality of drinking water varies from place to place. Over 90 percent of water systems meet EPA's health-based standards for tap water quality. Community water systems are required to send their customers annual consumer confidence reports. These reports tell consumers what contaminants have been detected in their drinking water and how these detection levels compare to drinking water standards. The reports must clearly identify any data indicating violations of health-based standards. The indication of a violation must include language about the potential health effects from consuming water with contaminants at levels above the national standards.
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