Frequent Questions

My area is under a boil water advisory, is it safe to bath or shower?

Yes, you can take a shower or a bath in this water. There is no danger from using this water to bathe. However, special care should be taken to prevent anybody from swallowing bath/shower water (especially infants). EPA does not think that minor sores or wounds should raise any concerns while bathing or showering during a boil water advisory. Pathogens associated with fecal contamination normally are adapted for growth in the intestine. Infection by a route other than gastrointestinal is not common. In some cases, particularly in individuals with a weakened immune system, the fecal pathogen may enter the bloodstream from the gut (e.g., intestine, stomach) and infect the blood (septicemia) and/or various organ systems. However, entry through the skin or a sore/cut would be unusual.

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