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What can I do to prepare for Hurricane Isabel or other drinking water emergencies?

EPA recommends that you should have at least a three-gallon supply of water per person. Typically, this would be enough water for three days. Water should be stored in thoroughly washed plastic, glass, fiberglass or enamel-lined metal containers. Soft drink bottles, for instance, work very well. The containers should be tightly sealed, labeled and stored in a cool, dark place. Under these conditions, water can be stored for six months. If you do not have stored water and there is an emergency, you can use the water in your hot-water tank, pipes and ice cubes. The water in the reservoir tank of your toilet (not the bowl) can also be used as a last resort. The following Web sites provide additional information, including where to find water outside your home, ways to purify water and other steps you can take to prepare for natural disasters.

Federal Emergency Management Agency --

American Red Cross --

Department of Homeland Security --

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