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F09: Should I complete a separate SF-424A for each of the subgrant/subcontract funding requested?

No, you do not need to include a separate SF424A for each subgrant and/or subcontract.  Please note that all subgrant funding should be located in the "other" cost category.  All subcontract funding should be located in the "contractual" cost category. You can include a narrative description of the budget or aspects of the budget found in the SF424A such as "other" or "contractual" in the detailed budget narrative.
Please also see Section IV.E., Contracts and Subawards, for additional information on contracts and subawards as it is unlikely that EPA will accept sole source justifications for professional services, including services provided by individual consultants, that are available in the commercial marketplace. The Agency will not agree to a sole source contract based on a determination that a firm or individual is the “best” or provides “unique capabilities.”
Categorizing an agreement with a commercial firm or individual consultant as a subgrant is not an acceptable practice. EPA does recognize subgrants between educational institutions or between an educational institution and a nonprofit organization provided the funding arrangement meets the standards for a subrecipient relationship described at 210 of OMB Circular A-133.
  However, you do not need to include copies of each proposed subgrantee’s Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement as an attachment.

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