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F03: If an applicant applies for a certain amount...e.g., $1,000,000...and after reviewing the applications the agency feels that the work in the proposal is eligible but that there is only $750,000 will the Agency consider a partial award?

EPA would not necessarily reject an otherwise meritorious proposal if the Agency did not have adequate funding to provide the full amount the applicant requested provided the applicant did not request more funding than specified in section III C. 3 of the RFA.
The following provision of the RFA (section II A) would apply:
“In appropriate circumstances, EPA reserves the right to partially fund applications by funding discrete portions or phases of proposed projects. If EPA decides to partially fund an application, it will do so in a manner that does not prejudice any applicants or affect the basis upon which the application or portion thereof, was evaluated and selected for award, and therefore maintains the integrity of the competition and selection process.”

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