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B12: The description of NPA 1 on page 4 lists six challenges faced by small public water systems ""in providing safe drinking water to their customers and consistently meeting the requirements of the SDWA …"", the first of which

No. The six challenges faced by small public water systems that are mentioned on page 4 as well as on page 6 are a “general introduction” to National Priority Areas (NPA) 1 and 2, which both relate to small public water systems (by contrast, NPA 3 relates to wastewater systems, and NPA 4 pertains to private well owners).  The rest of the text in each of the NPA descriptions more specifically describes what types of assistance are to be provided in each NPA.  NPA 1 specifically focuses on strengthening technical capacity and helping system personnel to comply with regulatory requirements and increase system resiliency.  NPA 2 specifically addresses building financial and managerial capacity, which includes revenue sufficiency, rate-setting, accessing infrastructure funding sources, and other financial activities.  So, while the need for obtaining funding is a great challenge, it is addressed by training and technical assistance activities under the scope of NPA 2, and is not included in the scope of activities under NPA 1. 

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