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B10: RFA, Section C, “Providing Training and Technical Assistance on a National Basis”: is this stating that the awardees must provide their training on a national basis?

Providing training on a national basis is not a threshold eligibility criterion that if not met will result in the elimination of the application from consideration of funding.  However, applicants are asked to demonstrate and will be evaluated on their ability to provide training and technical assistance on a national basis.  Section I.C. of the RFA states that applications "...should demonstrate the applicant's ability to and approach to making training and technical assistance available on a national basis."  Section I.C also states that: "Applications will be evaluated based on the criteria in Section V, including the demonstrated ability and described approach to making training and technical assistance available nationally in the maximum number of states and U.S. territories through face-to-face/on-site and/or remote training and technical assistance.  EPA will give priority consideration to applications that describe a flexible approach that tailors the training and technical assistance techniques and resources to address the specific needs of the target audience in as many states and U.S. territories as possible." 

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